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Gold-Backed Tokens: A Secure Path to Diversified Portfolios with Clinq.Gold

Updated Sep 16 2023
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Nick Patel
CEO & Founder at Clinq.Gold, Bank of Bullion | Keynote Speaker

Gold has always been regarded as a reliable and appealing object of investment. Yet, very few institutional players had access to actual purchases of gold for ownership in the world’s commodity markets. 

Tokenized gold is a new word in the world of investment – a tool that combines the pleasure of ownership with a currency’s liquidity and operational efficiency. So, what makes tokenized gold worth considering as your next investment move? 

Gold as a Safe Investor Choice 

There are many reasons to consider gold a safe and low-risk investment. Obviously, it won’t bring mind-wrecking ROI in the times of healthy market growth and economic stability. Yet, in periods of economic turmoil and uncertainty (just like now), gold offers unbeatable advantages to investors: 

  • Predictable supply 
  • Positive price elasticity 
  • Stably high demand 
  • Steadily increasing value 

Besides these benefits, gold has recently experienced a price reduction, falling by 5%+ since the peak of prices ($2,000+) in May 2023. Therefore, if you’re an investor with a long-term outlook, time is ripe for buying gold now. Gold is globally recognized as a stable class of assets, and buying some gold in your portfolio will surely make it more stable and inflation-proof. 

Financial Market Expansion for New Users 

For a long time, gold-related derivatives like futures contracts and ETFs pegged to gold allowed people to trade gold prices without gold ownership rights. This arrangement was interesting only for professional traders or hedge funds. Adding tokenized gold to the spectrum of financial instruments available to people thus increases the interest of regular users and expands their access to gold assets. These changes are positive for the gold market and can drive both demand and gold prices.  

Ownership Combined with Operational Efficiency 

Owning gold is a pleasure on its own, isn’t it? Having a gold bar in your bank deposit box may be self-indulging and reassuring at the same time. But how does it work for you? The right answer is – no way; it’s just a dead weight of immense value stored until the moment you decide to sell it. 

Tokenized gold is a sound alternative to burying your money in physical gold and stopping their work. Gold-backed tokens are inflation-immune because of a peg to gold, and at the same time, they can be bought, sold, and used as a currency in blockchain-based transactions. This way, you are in a unique position to enjoy the operational efficiency of your investments and hold some gold belongings simultaneously. What’s more, gold-backed tokens can be staked and give you fair yields, becoming your extra source of passive income and appreciating as gold prices go up. 

Liquidity Improvement with Vetted Gold-Backed Coin Providers 

Last but not least, the launch of gold-backed tokens for circulation is a healthy boost to liquidity improvements in the gold trading market. Potential gold buyers previously had to evaluate the metal’s purity, seller’s reputation, storage costs, and insurance of their new belongings, making the very gold storage endeavor costly and unreasonable.

Modern tokenized gold takes that due diligence out of the process; you only need to partner with a trusted gold-backed token project like Clinq.Gold. Always deal with tokens backed by physical gold, with transparent tokenomics and sound reputation. This way, your belongings will be under full protection, with minimal investment risks and uncertainties.

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