Transparent gold-backed transactions on blockchain

Creating an African Digital Economy

Gold-Backed and Transparent
6.2M 24h volume in USD
Clinq Gold's mission is to provide financial inclusion and improve trade across the African continent.
Prioritising economic stability and cross-border trading.
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Mobile Money Growth in Africa

Transaction value in 2022 (US$)

Clinq.Gold Main Pillars

Benefits for Countries and Members (IA)

Gold Sovereignty
Retain control over your physical gold preventing gold drainage from Africa.
Mobile Money Payments
Integration with prevalent systems like USSD, ensuring smooth transitions and user accessibility.
Anti-Inflationary Solution
Gold-backed payments empower African country currencies, offering stability against inflation and de-dollarisation.
Taxation and Law Enforcement
Advanced features for compliance, including user identity and flexible taxation tailored to local needs.
BRICS-ready Solution
Proactive gold-backed system integration positions BRICs candidates at the forefront of financial innovation.
Cheaper and Faster Payments
IAs control transaction costs on a network, ensuring low fees across National and International payments.

Join the Future

Enhance your nation's economic prospects and be at the forefront of a financial innovations.

Meet the Visionaries

Nick Patel
CEO and Founder, Clinq.Gold
Experienced professional with specialized knowledge in gold and commodity trading. Founder of Bank of Bullion, Clinq.Gold’s gold procurement partner. Over 20 years of experience in global financial markets working with diverse IPOs and startups.
Slava Malchenko
CMO and Board Member, Clinq.Gold
13+ yrs in marketing, Formerly: Brand Manager @ Plarium (500M users), Producer @ Playrix ($7.5B revenue)​
Lluis Claret
Executive Director, Clinq.Gold
Founder of Digitalia Group. Expert in Digital Transformation and Blockchain industry. Manages strategic planning and business development at Clinq.Gold.
Roman Semko
CTO and Board Member, Clinq.Gold
Serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years of IT experience. Award-winning developer of Samsung mobile applications and Binance Labs blockchain incubations. Extensive knowledge in both the crypto and financial industry.
Chaitanya Shah
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Bank of Bullion
Over 20 years of experience with gold and precious metals. Former Business Development Executive for Barclays and Wealth Manager for ICICI Bank.
Nilesh Khaitan
Principal Technical Program Manager, Venmo
Manager at Venmo Cryptocurrency Division. Designer of MSN website. Developer of front-end user Interface on IOS application.