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Exciting Ways for Web3 Businesses to Join the Tokenized Gold Movement

Updated Sep 19 2023
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mr slava
Nick Patel
CEO & Founder at Clinq.Gold, Bank of Bullion | Keynote Speaker

Gold is a classical asset with attractive investment potential; yet, due to a variety of restrictions on owning and trading gold, only a few people have had a chance to take advantage of gold investments. Luckily, things are changing today, with gold-backed tokens entering the Web3 market and offering a variety of use cases for interested participants. Tokenized gold’s benefits are the relative stability compared to other volatile cryptocurrencies and the operational efficiency of traditional currency. 

How can you benefit from tokenized gold? There are many ways it serves the interests of individuals and businesses in the online space: 

  • You can buy and store several tokens, knowing that their price will rise with the gold equivalent they represent. 
  • You can stake the coins and receive passive income, thus doubling your profits from gold holdings. 
  • You can launch a related service or project that uses gold-backed tokens and benefit from stimulating their circulation. 
  • You can mint gold-backed tokens yourself and partake in a prestigious, reputable business project. 

If the last two points seem incredible to you, then you probably don’t know about Clinq.Gold’s integration proposal yet. We offer two integration models for all interested businesses aimed at attracting partners and growing our ecosystem on mutually satisfying terms. You can join in as a: 

  • Service Provider (SP). SPs are third-party CGT users who accept payments and endorse transactions with our token. If you register as a partner and become our SP, we share 50% of the transaction fees users pay for CGT transactions on your platform. The more popular and active your resource is, the more profitable our partnership gets for everyone involved. 
  • Issuing Authority (IA). We also offer a unique chance to join the IA consortium – the group of entities that can mint additional CGTs for circulation, provided they have the corresponding collateral in the form of physical gold. IAs also receive a share from the CGT circulation fees and take a deserved place in the reputable, well-known Web3 industry, guaranteeing prestige and recognition for their brands. 

Potential of Clinq.Gold for African States 

Clinq.Gold is offering these exciting integration models for all businesses potentially interested in earning on CGT’s promotion and adoption. However, the specific focus of our project is on Africa. Here’s why. 

The gold-backed token market’s potential is huge, especially for developing countries still experiencing a major digital divide and a lack of a well-developed traditional financial infrastructure. These issues prevent large populations from enjoying the basic range of financial services and leave millions unbanked or underbanked. This situation is specifically typical for African states, many of which still struggle to set up a mature financial ecosystem and enable domestic and cross-border transactions for their citizens. 

In line with the growing demand for cryptocurrencies and stable, gold-backed tokens across Africa, projects engaged in tokenized gold circulation are actively exploring the African continent for more partnership opportunities. The Clinq.Gold CEO and CTO will attend the Digital Government Africa 2023 (DGA23) conference held in Zambia on October 4-6 to present the project’s functionality, partnership models, and various use cases to Zambia’s financial authorities. 

The conference is dedicated to priority-setting and agenda discussions in the sphere of national electronic government strategy planning, and a vital aspect in that course of action is digital innovation and electronic service expansion. Therefore, there is a strong expectation that Clinq.Gold will attract interest as a potential gateway to the digital transformation of Zambia’s money transactions, financial operations, investment, and cross-border money movement. 

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