Transparent gold-backed transactions on blockchain

Gold-backed transactions on blockchain

24h volume in USD
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Tokenized gold vs. Bitcoin
Blockchance, Hamburg, 2023
Tokenized gold vs. Bitcoin
Blockchance, Hamburg, 2023
Tokenized gold vs. Bitcoin
Blockchance, Hamburg, 2023
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Transparency-driven security for everyone

100% gold-backed onchain volume
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Why to start investing in Сlinq.Gold?

Hack Resistant

In case of a cyber-attack, market fluctuations, or regulatory changes, crypto exchanges are particularly susceptible to collapse, taking away all assets. Except for those that are backed by real-world assets, such as the CGT token. It is fully supported by gold and physically held. That’s why if CGT is stolen, the token can be replaced as we have the physical gold stored. Added proof, documents, KYC, AML and other required regulatory and security checks would be required to prove claim and validity of your CGT.

Sustainable & Reliable APY

Clinq.Gold offers various staking scenarios and combinations involving both CGT and CNQ tokens. The non-volatile CGT is perfect for risk-averse individuals, relying on a stable, gold-backed asset. On the other hand, CNQ provides a revenue share for those seeking high APY, tempting rewards, and profits aligned with the company’s growth. Clinq.Gold got you all covered.

Low Risk, High Reward Ratio

The security of investments in digital gold is ensured by each token being backed by a specific amount of gold, which is physically stored in secure vaults. Clinq.Gold stores gold via Bank of Bullion with Brink’s – the premier provider of secure logistics and security solutions for gold storage. Bank of Bullion, the foundation behind Clinq.Gold, is a trusted and reputable supplier of physical gold and precious metals in Dubai. Moreover, we maintain complete transparency in our revenues, expenditures, and interactions with our clients.

How it actually works?

Token structure
We combine modern tools with classic bullion bank business. The result is a solid investment vehicle driven by Web3 technology, a stable currency with an attractive revenue sharing model.
Revenue share token
This token gives you a share of the company revenue. Stake it today and start earning.
  • Fungible token
  • ERC-20 standard
  • 2 billion tokens, limited supply
  • Stakeable (revenue sharing)
  • Unpegged price with huge upward potential
  • Trade on any exchange or liquidity pool
  • Future governance
Coming soon
An alternative to stablecoins, backed by a tangible, un-inflatable asset.
  • Tokenized gold token
  • ERC-20 standard
  • Dynamic supply
  • Stakeable (earn CNQ)
  • Backed 100% by unallocated gold
  • Exchange for physical
  • Trade on any exchange or sell to us


Nick Patel CEO and Founder, Clinq.Gold Experienced professional with specialized knowledge in gold and commodity trading. Founder of Bank of Bullion, Clinq.Gold’s gold procurement partner. Over 20 years of experience in global financial markets working with diverse IPOs and startups.
Slava Malchenko CMO and Board Member, Clinq.Gold 13+ yrs in marketing, Formerly: Brand Manager @ Plarium (500M users), Producer @ Playrix ($7.5B revenue)​
Lluis Claret Executive Director, Clinq.Gold ​Founder of Digitalia Group. Expert in Digital Transformation and Blockchain industry. Manages strategic planning and business development at Clinq.Gold.
Roman Semko CTO and Board Member, Clinq.Gold Serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years of IT experience. Award-winning developer of Samsung mobile applications and Binance Labs blockchain incubations. Extensive knowledge in both the crypto and financial industry.​
Chaitanya Shah Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Bank of Bullion ​Over 20 years of experience with gold and precious metals. Former Business Development Executive for Barclays and Wealth Manager for ICICI Bank.
Nilesh Khaitan Principal Technical Program Manager, Venmo ​Manager at Venmo Cryptocurrency Division. Designer of MSN website. Developer of front-end user Interface on IOS application.


24h volume in USD

“Bank of Bullion”

7 years history of trust

Clinq.Gold procures all of its gold from Bank of Bullion. Bank of Bullion is a reputable and financially stable gold bullion business in Dubai, with both divisions being led by the same founder Nick Patel. This leadership ensures a consistent and reliable supply of gold at competitive rates.

Since its incorporation in 2016, Bank of Bullion has become a major supplier of gold in both the UAE and international markets.

Bank of Bullion operates with a zero-debt policy, resulting in a turnover of AED 1.8 billion in 2021 and a projected growth of 20% in 2022, with a turnover of AED 2.2 billion.

The company has established itself as one of the leading gold suppliers to major gold retailers in the UAE and internationally.

With a solid financial standing and a proven track record, Bank of Bullion is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the gold bullion industry.

Mobile money users

“Clinq Gold Pay” Gold-backed payment gateway

100% gold-backed blockchain transactions

Clinq Gold Pay Limited is a USSD mobile payment system that aims to provide convenient and secure financial services to the people of Zambia.

Our blockchain system allows users to transfer money, pay bills, purchase airtime, and make online and offline purchases using their mobile devices.

We are currently seeking an e-money license institution for our operations in Zambia with the Bank of Zambia to further expand our reach and provide our services to a wider audience.

Our goal is to simplify financial transactions and promote financial inclusion in the country.


Q2 ‘22 -Q2 ‘23
Q3 ‘23
Q4 ‘23
Q1 ‘24
Development & Company Establishment
Private sale & VC Onboarding
Issuing Authority Pilot Launch 1
CNQ Launch
Clinq.Gold “Beta Launch”
  • Company setup
  • Team composition
  • Tokenomics & Whitepaper
  • Platform development

Key events

  • Platform release.
  • Pre-seed (closed with $2M)
  • $CGT Listing on Bitmart (CEX).
  • Legal setup and verification
  • Business modelling and prediction.
Clinq.Pay launch “Africa”
  • Integration with payment providers

Clinq Wallet 2.0 & Clinq.Gold “Full Release”

  • Staking pools, CGT staking pool to earn CNQ.
  • Quests launch.
  • Community features.
  • Launching public reports and show official Clinq.Gold data.
  • Move all off-chain transactions to on-chain.
  • Updated platform release.
Government Integration

Countries breakdown:

  • Zambia government entities
  • Kenya government entities
CNQ Listing event

Listing event for CNQ token.